The Duxford Air Show 2011

The Duxford Air Show 2011

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This DVD features the highlights of both Duxford's September and October 2011 Airshows.

The September show was blessed with some magnificent weather. Yes it rained for part of day 2 but who will forget that F-15E Strike Eagle bursting with shock waves in that water soaked air and, on day 1, that spiralling power climb to 10,000 ft. The incockpit footage - interactive on the DVD - is breathtaking. Our cameras visited the F-15 base at RAF Lakenheath just before the show for a behind the scenes look at this big and powerful fighter.


A complete contrast; the 7 Spitfires in formation and tail-chasing in the golden early evening sunlight. TFC's presentation of Curtiss Hawk, P-40B and P-40F was inspirational and historic. A very welcome overseas contingent was the Norwegian Vampire team with a single seater and 2 seat variant.

In all a big, varied and historic show in excellent photographic conditions .

Interactive in-cockpit minicams in F-15 Strike Eagle, Spitfire, P-40F, both Vampires, Aerostars, Redhawks, SWIP Team and Brendan O'Brien's Flying Circus truck top landing.

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