Aerobatics ‘Down Under’ Revised and Updated Edition - by David J Pilkington

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There are many excellent books on aerobatics, especially on how to fly aerobatics and the physics of aerobatics flight however few of them cover the complete scope of underpinning knowledge requirements to safely fly aerobatics and have fun as this book does.The purpose of this book is to provide reference material for aerobatic pilots and to assist new aerobatic instructors in preparation of training material and knowledge enhancement. It includes tips on training for low level aerobatic endorsements. It also includes the knowledge required for flight instructor training endorsements in spin and aerobatics. We'll go further than the minimum requirements as the author's view is that an instructor must have a deeper knowledge than the minimum required by the trainee.The book is based on the classic aerobatic trainer, the Super Decathlon, commonly used in flying schools and so tailwheel endorsement training notes are included.This revised and updated edition includes some more technical information on flight performance, pilot stick forces and spinning. There is a new chapter on operating the Super Decathlon.As a follow up to this book the author recommends these two most authoritative books - Better Aerobatics by Alan Cassidy - and Stall/Spin Awareness by Rich Stowell.The book addresses the Australian regulatory environment for tailwheel, spin and aerobatic training.Before we go too far - remember "PARE." If you remember nothing else but that I have succeeded in something.

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