ATC - PPL/CPL Meterology

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Arguably the most important aspect of cross-country flights is the planning and this requires an understanding and interpretation of weather cues and the effect they may have on the flight.

The PPL/CPL manuals provide a complete set of reference texts for all examination subjects. They are prepared in accordance with the CASA Syllabus for both levels of licence and are the perfect preparation for the composite PPL and the single subject CPL cyber exams. They are true to the depth of knowledge requirements of the syllabus and do not attempt to be an easy passage.

2nd Edition featuring the new Graphical Area Forecast (GAF). The GAF was introduced by BuMet and has replaced the traditional Area Forecast (ARFOR).
(The GAF is also being incorporated in  the next edition of the Instrument Rating book)

3rd Edition
October 2021

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