ATC - Visual Flight Guide 2023

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The ATC Visual Flight Guide is not the official CASA Visual Flight Rules Guide. The ATC Visual Flight Guide is not approved by CASA and is not permitted material to be taken into the CASA PPL exam.  The ATC Visual Flight Guide is to be used as a guide only for VFR flying in conjunction with the current and most up to date ERSA.

Designed as a cockpit companion to the ERSA, the VFG is a comprehensive pocket-book that contains a wealth of useful information for planning and conducting a safe VFR flight. It is tabbed and very user-friendly and is designed to be attached to your clip-board or knee-pad. Although it is an annual edition, it is updated regularly throughout the year. Also a good summary guide to read the night before a flight.

The PPL/CPL manuals provide a complete set of reference texts for all examination subjects. They are prepared in accordance with the CASA Syllabus for both levels of licence and are the perfect preparation for the composite PPL and the single subject CPL cyber exams. They are true to the depth of knowledge requirements of the syllabus and do not attempt to be an easy passage.


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