Flightcom 4DLX Headset

Configuration: Aeroplane Dual G/A Plugs Straight Cable
Sale price$395.00


Reaching new heights in quality and performance, our 4DLX now offers dual volume controls for volume adjustment in each ear cup, plus a precision flex boom with noise-cancelling electret microphone. Hey, just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. Noise Reduction Rating: 24 dB Microphone: A-7A.1 noise-cancelling electret Ear Seal: liquid/foam Comfort: The wide headband disperses pressure for a better feel. Liquid/foam ear seals provide additional comfort and help reduce extraneous noise. Innovation: Most people hear better in one ear than the other. With well-placed dual volume controls you can adjust each ear cup’s volume as needed. The result. A smooth, even sound. Noise reduction: We keep it quiet with our advanced hearing protection technology. Liquid/foam seals effectively block out sound. Noise reduction rating: 24 dB. Three year warranty.

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