ATC - Human Being Pilot

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This is a most important area of study for a modern pilot. This volume has been specially prepared to meet the requirements of professional pilots – whether they are flying single-pilot IFR or as a member of an RPT crew. The book covers, and in some areas leads, the CASA syllabus for CPL and ATPL examinations in Human Factors. Full colour and case bound.

Human Being Pilot

This book was designed to serve several purposes:

  • to encompass the theoretical knowledge required for the pilot who is to study for commercial (CPL) or airline transport (ATPL) examinations on Human Factors;
  • to add to the knowledge of medical practitioners and specialists on the developments and discoveries about human behavior in the stressful and demanding sphere of flight;
  • to harmonise internationally, so as to be relevant to all ICAO-compliant licences and associated human factor training programs;
  • to serve as the primary human factors reference for competency-based training at all levels of flight training, including not only airline crew resource management (CRM) and threat and error management (TEM) but all facets of aviation operations including general aviation and ab-initio flight training; 

and most importantly,

  • to broaden general knowledge and to promote discussion and further reading into this vital and fascinating topic – across the aviation industry.

Knowledge about our human machine is the most important information needed for the modern pilot, crew member, supervisor and ground staff to perform effectively the multi-functional tasks required by a modern aircraft, with its more complex systems, in our complex air and ground environment. It is also fascinating reading for the aware and questioning, airline traveler.

Welcome to the world of aviation professionalism.

3rd Edition
March 2021

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