Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Instrument Commercial

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Your primary source for initial study and review on your journey to an instrument rating or commercial certificate, this e-book combines the most current content with innovative graphics and design elements to make complex subjects easier to understand.

Topics include:
  •  Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Requirements
  •  Principles of Instrument Flight
  •  The Flight Environment
  •  Instrument Charts and Procedures
  •  Aviation Weather
  •  IFR and Commercial Pilot Operations
  • Commercial Maneuvers
  •  Accepted by the FAA Airman Training and Certification Branch as the primary resource for use in Jeppesen's instrument and commercial training curriculums.
  •  Provides concise and complete explanations of the advanced concepts that enable you to effectively operate in the instrument and commercial flight environments.
  •  Covers both FAA and Jeppesen instrument chart symbology.
  •  Includes scenarios for you to follow the steps of instrument procedures using highlighted charts and depictions of instrument indications.
  •  Presents step-by-step procedure diagrams and Airman Certification Standards (ACS) excerpts to help you visualize and understand each commercial maneuver.
  •  Includes strategically-placed Discovery Insets to enhance your learning.
  •  Contains Summary Checklists, Key Terms, and Questions designed to help you review and prepare for both the FAA knowledge texts and checkrides.

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