Avfacts by Rob Avery 600+ BAK/RPL Practice Exams - AV16

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600+ BAK/RPL Questions - Rob Avery - AV16
  • 600+ multiple-choice practice questions
  • Check your knowledge of the subject 
  • Worked answers 
  • Multiple attempts per exams
  • Automatic online marking and KDR through Avfacts "Exams-Online" system
  • A step by step worked answer file for questions requiring calculation is displayed
  • Your own personal access password supplied to you via email when you register the book online
  • The best of the best preparation prior to the BAK/RPL exam
  • Prepares you well for later licence upgrade to PPL or CPL studies and exams
  • References to VFR (day) work booklet
  • These questions you can expect in the CASA exam
  • The latest most up to date version is always supplied 
CASR Part 61 compliant

Compatible with PC's using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and Apple devices provided access is via the Firefox browser, not Safari.

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