The Left Seat - by Adrianne Fleming

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Have you always wanted to fly a plane and get your pilot licence?

Does the entire process seem out of reach and an impossible dream?

Want to be flying on your own with guidance from one of Australia’s leading Flying Schools?

Minimise your spend and maximise your flying experience.

With over 25 years’ working in the aviation training industry as a flight instructor and CASA Examiner Adrianne Fleming OAM has helped 1000s of people just like you who had a dream to fly an aeroplane.

For those of you who have always wanted to learn to fly and weren’t sure the best way to go about it. This book is perfect for you. The left seat is a practical guide to help you navigate your own path to licensed pilot and find a course to meet your individual needs and budget.

It’s time to get in the Left Seat.

About Adrianne:

Adrianne is an aviation training specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry. As a flight examiner, aviation educator and business owner, she is one of only 4% of female professional pilots in Australia.

In 1993, she and her husband founded Tristar Aviation which is now the oldest single ownership flight training school on Moorabbin Airport.

In 2012, Adrianne was awarded the coveted Nancy Bird Walton award for the Most Noteworthy Contribution to Aviation by a Woman in Australasia. Her volunteer work earned her an Order of Australia Medal in 2016 for Service to the Aviation Industry.

Adrianne’s expertise in the flying training industry extends into the broader general aviation industry. She has extensive professional relationships with the industry throughout Australia and India. 

She is a board member of PABC (Professional Aviation Board of Certification) working with a team of professionals to create quality Ab Initio (from the beginning) training and testing for aspiring professional pilots across the globe.

Adrianne currently serves on the CASA Aviation Safety Advisory (ASAP) Panel which is the primary aviation body through which CASA directs its engagement with industry. The ASAP provides the CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety high level advice from the aviation community on current, emerging, and potential issues.

In December 2020 she was appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister to the Future of Aviation Reference Panel. The Panel was established to consult the aviation industry on the Government’s Issues Paper on the Future of Australia’s Aviation Sector and provide expert advice to Government on the challenges facing the industry and opportunities for reform.

Throughout her career, Adrianne has held many leadership roles in a broad range of aviation-related and community not-for-profit organisations. Among them are the Women in Aviation Australian Chapter, Australian Women Pilots’ Association, The Australian Air League, Moorabbin Airport Chamber of Commerce, Monash City Council Empowering Monash Women Steering Committee, Power Neighbourhood House – and more.

Adrianne is a passionate, innovative and positive contributor to the industry and has been a guest speaker at secondary colleges and community groups in Australia and India. She is committed to serving the industry to ensure it continues to evolve for the next generation.

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