Understanding Light Twin-Engine Aeroplanes

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Understanding Light Twin Engine Aeroplanes
by W R Evans
While it is true to say that ‘The Light Twin-Engine Aeroplane offers obvious safety advantages over a Single-Engine Aeroplane,’ it is also true to say that ‘The Light Twin-Engine Aeroplane can be more lethal.’
The knowledge gained in reading this book will improve the safety record of flying these planes, and result in better, safer, and more confident twin-engine pilots. To fully appreciate the light twins, it is essential to understand their performance capabilities and limitations, particularly when it comes to asymmetric flight; which is flight following an engine failure.
This book examines performance information that regularly appears in Aircraft Flight and Manufacturer Data Manuals, which sometimes can be misleading. Options available to a pilot during engine failure are also discussed - the aim being to get rid of any concerns that may exist with asymmetric flight.
This book explains, in simple and practical terms, what the Light Twin-Engine Aeroplane CAN and CANNOT do, particularly in flight following an engine failure.
Author: Russ Evans OAM
Edition: September 2017

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