Instrument Rating & Multi-Engine Briefing Notes - by Steve Pearce

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Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Briefing Notes by Steve Pearce.

These notes are to help both the initial issue IFR, Multi-Engine trainee and those with an existing rating to maintain proficiency.

The sections in the notes cover ‘The Instrument Rating’, ‘The Night Rating’, ‘The Multi Engine Rating’, ‘Global Navigation Satellite Systems’ as well as ‘Turbocharging’ and ‘Pressurisation’.

The emphasis is on the practical. Actual flight considerations are shown in point form and simplified diagrams.

The example navigation routes are shown as ‘mud maps’ to visualise all the procedures (including radio calls) and techniques used during the flight.

The ground work items for a typical flight test, both initial and yearly proficiency checks, are up to date with current CASA and Airservices material. 


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