Avfacts by Rob Avery - Quick-Fire Exam - AV11

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Featuring 1800 Q & A and 190+ diagrams over 240 pages, this book covers light aircraft to modern airliners, targets PPL, CPL and ATPL, and instructors in a Q & A format, with simple explanations to complex questions, allowing purchasers to quickly target their CASA exam KDR items without fuss.
  • best bang-for-buck study focus on the market
  • extensive eight page index is provided at the back allowing fast tracing
  • best used in association with Rob Avery PPL, CPL, ATPL products/exams booklets
  • High and low speed Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Piston Engine General Knowledge
  • Basic Gas Turbine General Knowledge
  • Light and Heavy Aircraft Systems
  • Avionics and Instruments
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation (Radio & Nav Aids)
  •  Navigation (General)
  • Human Factors (including TEM)

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